What They Don’t Tell You About People

You let them in thinking, “It’s okay this time, they will stay.” They end up leaving. But only after taking and taking. Till what's left of you, Is an empty husk of the person you once were. So you keep trying, Till your heart becomes as dead the night. As cold as the winters you hate,… Continue reading What They Don’t Tell You About People

Lift Off, Fast Car, Almost Graduate, and Being a Leftover.

I've come to this much delayed realization that everything in my life is because of all of the things that keep piling up, and then falling apart. I've tried to fix friendships, fix myself, come to terms with things I intensely dislike about myself and erase myself. But, nothing will ever top the utter hopelessness I… Continue reading Lift Off, Fast Car, Almost Graduate, and Being a Leftover.

Cliff Jumping, Working Friends and Lying to Your Friends

It's been a really long time since I've posted here and I've decided that since I want to grow as a writer and have a more healthier means of venting my stress & frustration - I will try and update my blog more frequently.So, here I am standing on the edge of a cliff (metaphorically,… Continue reading Cliff Jumping, Working Friends and Lying to Your Friends

The Things I Wish I Could Say (But Say It When I’m Alone)

You say that it's all going to change, You're going to get better. You're going to be stronger.   You say we're friends, you say we're sisters, So why do I feel like you don't mean that? Why does it sound like lies?   You're only love me when you're scared, Only when you're angry… Continue reading The Things I Wish I Could Say (But Say It When I’m Alone)

Personality troubles? Hear, hear.

Growing up in a South Indian family that hails from a strong Protestant background, I've always had morals and manners drilled into my skull like there's no tomorrow.In fact, before I could actually read story books - I could tell you Bible stories and recite Psalm 23 verbatim. However, I'm digressing and I'm completely missing… Continue reading Personality troubles? Hear, hear.

Family. Duty. Honour/ Do The Right Thing

I suddenly feel like I belong to House Tully as I type my blog post into the wee hours of the morning. I've had the most enjoyable summer to date and I don't even feel sorry for not watching that many movies that's on my prescribed summer list (even though I should). This entire summer has been… Continue reading Family. Duty. Honour/ Do The Right Thing

The One with the Careers

Remember when I said that I'm making a big choice? Well, it's being made tomorrow.Am I better off dead or am I better of a quitter? I've never felt so scared in my life about stuff, I haven't felt so upset and nervous over something like this.I just hope that whatever decision I'm making is the… Continue reading The One with the Careers

Pick yourself up

You tell yourself that you don't care.You tell yourself that deep down that whoever's left you behind, hurt you, and given up on you - that they don't matter. At least, not any more.Through all this you live,despite being stabbed repeatedly and being held against your will - you live. You fight, and you survive - because… Continue reading Pick yourself up