Every time I open my Facebook page, I run into articles telling me that as a millennial, I can have it all. I can quit my job, start living all the dreams I cast aside because I couldn’t afford and lay the groundwork to “completing myself”.


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Being “Visible” – a celebration of all the badass woman like Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch died nearly a week ago, and in that week I was forced to ask myself a lot of uncomfortable questions. You see when a woman like Qandeel dies; the way you react to her murder is the probably the most telling thing about you.


Qandeel Baloch, courtesy of StarsUnfolded.com

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The One Where I Tell Myself, You’re Good

When I think about my childhood and all the times I imagined a time skip happening to me growing up and becoming a “pretty, mature, and well-settled” version of myself.

I have to restrain the urge to wish that a Tardis existed, and that I would probably deck mini-Sharu in the face for having daydreams.

Because that’s something current-Sharu would totally do.


Sometimes I think Chanel Oberlin is my spirit animal.

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What They Don’t Tell You About People

You let them in thinking,

“It’s okay this time, they will stay.”

They end up leaving.

But only after taking and taking.

Till what’s left of you,

Is an empty husk of the person you once were.

So you keep trying,

Till your heart becomes as dead the night.

As cold as the winters you hate,

Till there is a spark.

Only to discover that there is none.

The only thing you allow yourself to feel,

Is the faint resignation from within,

That you were always wrong,

And she was always right.

Throwback Post: What I Learnt While Working on The Red Carpet

Hello all,

As part of my Throwback series, I will be posting articles I’ve written in the past which I was supposed to upload onto my blog but I couldn’t for a variety of reasons.

This article is about my experience at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2014, where I represented the production company and my filmmaker boss at the event.


One of the things universities these days don’t equip you to handle happen to be certain situations that can only be described up as ‘ reel life’ or as my Instagram hashtag was ‘is this real life?’


Th above picture is only for demonstrative purposes.

As a former Television & Video Production major from a solid media school, I found myself thrown into situations where I had to act like an adult.

When actually I’m really good at pretending to be one.

The ‘certain situations’ that I mentioned above happened during the month of December at the Dubai International Film Festival (11th edition), where I represented my company (I used work for an independent filmmaker who runs a film production company in Dubai) and I had to well,d adult.

The day I started working at the festival, my zealous boss told me that I was representing the company’s name, and I was given mission objectives daily ( almost like I was a female James Bond who got updates on her company-issued smartphone but with a sharper wardrobe)! I was also instructed to attend sessions as an ‘Industry’ representative and schmooze with fellow industry reps and catch movies on my down time.

While I was proud that I was coming back to DIFF as a member of the Film industry; I was extremely nervous because I was the face of the company at a film festival renowned for its prestige in the Gulf.


So, I bucked up and put on my big girl panties and adulted.

Let me just say that me networking isn’t like it’s shown in movies.  You need to pluck up the courage to approach filmmakers, producers, and companies who are sitting in the lounge of the festival headquarters sipping their tea or coffee, and conversing in multiple languages about things you will only dream of hearing.

A few examples of what I’ve heard while at my networking sessions –  (‘Oh my God, why do we have to do this procedure here? Tribeca is nothing like this.’ And, ‘I can’t believe Emily Blunt hugged me, I didn’t think she was so friendly in real life!’ and, ‘We shot a movie with that guy who plays Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones, it’s going to release soon.’ Or even, ‘Do you think Eva Longoria has gotten work done? She looks so different from Desperate Housewives!”)


An example of a film industry networking session.

It was a whole new world because you wearing an industry pass made all the difference.

You also learn not to fangirl and squeal when you see celebrities standing three feet away from you – I saw Eva Longoria, Virginia Madsen, Paul Bettany and Ali F. Mostafa (he’s a famous Arab filmmaker) and I had to learn to compose myself and look as disinterested as everyone around me whenever a celebrity brushed past.

However, I learnt things they don’t teach you in college. For example, you’re about to meet a client to drop off files for your boss and you aren’t carrying your MacBook with you so you need to scour the entire film festival for someone with a MacBook and fervently pray to whichever deity is listening that they will take pity on your incompetent ass.

You also learn to not ‘chill’ and take advantage of your privileges, i.e. -watch movies, but make sacrifices like attend forum sessions and press conferences and smoothly introduce yourself while you’re in line at the box office (‘Hey, I work for XX filmmaker, we are currently raising funds for our new narrative short. Would you like to know more about it?’).

The overall experience was one I would always remember because when you’re out in the real world, it’s not like being in college where you can make a mistake and try again.You need to make sure that when you make an impression – it lasts and people remember you because while you’re thinking what to say in that 2-minute’ gap to be memorable or you’re just like everyone else in the room.

You may come back next year or you may not come back at all – but you learn things by observing your fellow members of the industry. You need to be prepared and be dignified even if people look bored while you talk about your job and purpose at networking sessions.

So here’s my word of advice to all of you who are about to graduate and enter the real world – you’re going to make loads of mistakes and  you’re going to feel like crap.

But, you will learn and age like wine or George Clooney, and you’ll be thankful you did!

Here is to you Dubai International Film Festival, for giving me this great experience that will help me in the future.


13 Personal Questions Tag

Hey guys!

I’m back and it’s already been a week since I last posted (I hope this is a sign I’m going to be more active blogging in the new year!).

I’m actually going to attempt the ’13 Personal Questions Tag’ which apparently made rounds in the Youtube community and blogging community.

So here goes nothing…

  1. What do you order at Starbucks? 

Was the person who created this first question moi ? Because anyone who knows me knows I can’t live without Starbucks. I’m positive I end up spending a good 20 dirhams on a Caramel Frappucino because they’re so delicious and amazing. Also the Starbucks at Financial Centre knows me by name and my order by heart because I’m a frequent visitor. 


2. What’s the one thing in your closet you can’t live without? 

I think the one thing in my closet I can’t live without are my jeans; I normally show up everywhere in different set of pants. But my jeans are staples in my closet and I can’t go out without wearing any of them. A close second would be my numerous accessories I pair my outfits with.


3. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

That I love K-pop music!

Most people don’t expect me to be into Korean pop music because I don’t look like a stereotypical fan? Also the fact that I prefer K-pop girl groups over boy groups. That always throws people off since they expect girls to normally be into boy bands.



4. What’s the one thing you want to do before you die? 

This is difficult because I have a really long bucket list. But my number one thing to do is to make a film – I’ve been writing down ideas for a script and I keep thinking of scenes but I’m yet to figure out if this will fit into a novel or a script.

5. What’s the one food you can’t live without? 

Butter Chicken! I’m an NRI (non-resident Indian) and when my Mum makes her butter chicken – it’s so good it could stop wars. Seriously!


6. What’s one quote you live your life by? 

I don’t really have one particular quote that I live my life by, but I always live by this quote – “Be the change you want the world to be.” I personally believe that if you want change and if you want to fight for it; you need to make it in your life.

If it means not listening to a music artist because he’s an abusive POS then don’t listen to it, if you don’t like another artist because of the values she follows – own up to it.

Take a stand and make a change.


7. What do you like and dislike about the YouTube community?

I love that you can post content freely and you reach so many people in different parts of the world by making music, memes, videos and content accessible to so different people!


There are parts of the community that I don’t like and I’m just going to let Oprah address it for me:


8. What’s your number 1 song on your iPod/iTunes?  


At the moment it’s a tie between EXO’s ‘Sing For You’, Daya’s ‘Hide Away’ and Shawn Mendes’ ‘Stitches’. I always end up humming these three songs.

So much love.

9. What kind of style would you describe yourself as having? 

My personal style is a mix of chic, semi-formal, casual comfort! I like dressing up and playing around with accessories; so I’m pretty experimental but safe at the same time.

10. Two hobbies? 

My current hobbies are watching TV series and movies and listening to new genres of music. As a former film student and movie buff, I’m game for any kind of movie and genre (within reason). Music-wise, I have no problem listening to different genres of music in different languages.

I’ll probably upload my Greatest Hits playlist on here soon-ish, so you can see what kind of music I’m open to listening to!

Lend me your ears for this beauty!

12. Two pet peeves? 

Two pet peeves that really bother me is when people end up passing sexist comments about women and men and when people are really homophobic.

There’s no faster way to kill chances of me liking you than passing bigoted comments about someone’s gender or sexuality.

I’m not here for that.


13. Your guilty pleasure? 

Erm, this might come off as a surprise but I’m a huge fan of trashy hip-hop music from the noughties. When I’m at work and I need to finish a presentation really fast; I end up playing something like this.

Smh at my taste!

Well, so that’s my personal 13 tags about me! Let me know if you’re surprised by any of this or if you like this post.



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