Remembering Chester Bennington

When I first saw the news that Chester Bennington passed away, I felt like someone had punched me in the gut. I immediately cracked open Google to make sure his Wikipedia page wasn't updated with the hope that this was another elaborate hoax. But it wasn't. Three days have passed and in these past few… Continue reading Remembering Chester Bennington

Outweigh (When The Odds Aren’t In Your Favour)

I'm scared of being a parent. In fact, I'm terrified of being a parent. Coming from a society that tells you to bite your teeth and endure even when the world is burning around you - you'd be scared to procreate and make someone like you.  Growing up, I had an alright childhood - we… Continue reading Outweigh (When The Odds Aren’t In Your Favour)

How do you know what your heart wants?

Every time I open my Facebook page, I run into articles telling me that as a millennial, I can have it all. I can quit my job, start living all the dreams I cast aside because I couldn't afford and lay the groundwork to "completing myself".   Of course, I don't believe every ThoughtCatalog article I… Continue reading How do you know what your heart wants?

Is It Too Much To Have It All?

I had the strangest day this Thursday while at work.  A friend of mine had shared an upsetting story of a friend of hers whom had tragically passed away because of working too hard on a project. Her friend was young, successful, married to her college boyfriend, and had a newborn child and a pet.… Continue reading Is It Too Much To Have It All?