Every time I open my Facebook page, I run into articles telling me that as a millennial, I can have it all. I can quit my job, start living all the dreams I cast aside because I couldn’t afford and lay the groundwork to “completing myself”.


Of course, I don’t believe every ThoughtCatalog article I see on my timeline or even a Quartz or Buzzfeed post telling me what I’m missing out on. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a strong case of ‘FOMO’; because I do and it sucks.

I hate writing this confession in a blog post but if I don’t it will eat at me and upset me. I’ve reached this stage in my life where I feel like I’m drowning with work pressures, existential life crises and familial obligations. I should be making a plan and working towards pursuing my Masters but I’m barely making enough to support myself.

Living as a twenty-something woman in Dubai is difficult – especially when you develop a major case of social media envy. There’s this strange pressure to be a social butterfly and to post endless photos about your much happening social life or  how awesome/glamorous your job is. In fact, when you do treat yourself to something amazing like a Cartier wallet or a Prada bag; the first thing you’re supposed to do is stage an amazing photo shoot (to make it look ‘candid’) and upload a witty caption on Instagram.


This is literally #instagramenvy

I’m not hating on people who have no qualms about documenting their highs on social media, but I’m just saying – you make it really hard for the rest of us who’s trying to stay afloat financially because they’re choosing between deciding to pay their Etisalat bill or go out to a decent place for dinner with friends.

Cersei Lannister tells Sansa Stark that “Life is not a song, sweetling. Someday you may learn that, to your sorrow.”


The Mad Queen knows what’s good.

Not to sound dramatic but Lady Lannister has amazing insight on how awful society is, if you read the books and not watched the watered down version of Cersei in the show.

When Book One Sansa’s babbling about how songs will be written about her and how the sun shines out of Joffrey’s ass. Cersei, gives her advice on how life doesn’t always give you what you want.

And I agree with her, you won’t always get what you want. In fact if you do, you’re really lucky or blessed. There’s so many obstacles ahead of you before you end up getting what your heart truly desires.

I don’t know if I end up feeling like a mess because of reading “inspirational articles” like that or if it’s just my subconscious guilting me because I’ve not been introspecting enough.

The bottom line is that, do I really know what I want or am I just projecting other people’s desires because of FOMO?

Who knows, because I certainly don’t.

AN: I love Buzzfeed, Quartz, ScoopWhoop and ThoughtCatalog. It’s just I get frustrated because of the inane amounts of ‘fomo articles’ that keep showing up on my social media news feeds.


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