My Year in Review

12 months is a long time.


Let me start my blog post by saying thank you to all the 34 followers of you who’ve subscribed to me at random or because you think I occasionally post good content.

So for my year in review, let me talk about all the highs and lows I faced as I got my first “proper” job  which made me feel like sometimes I was getting the hang of being an adult while the rest I was drowning.


But I suppose that’s the whole point of growing up; you change, you fail, you fall and you grow. Or you do all of the following in no particular order or never do it at all and somehow make it.

It never fails to blow my mind that I’m now a fully functioning adult who pays her bills and does things with her own money and is taking responsibility for running brands on social media. I ended up building a bridge with more people I thought and I’m quite glad with the way it’s shaping up.

While I celebrate my growing career, in the same breath I’m still slightly broken at the various lows I’ve had to tolerate this year.

I didn’t get the magazine job I was looking forward to, I felt like a complete loser when one of my batch mates got featured in a Buzzfeed article about making a difference and I ended up working in a field I swore I wouldn’t settle for because I wanted to make films.

While I grieved over my problems, the world became more darker and Donald Trump rose from the ashes like an insect infestation you can’t curb. Game of Thrones killed off Jon Snow, Age of Ultron was great till you realized it was edited poorly by Whedon & Co. and none of the characters’ had actual development, and Tiffany from Girls’ Generation made a colorist post on Instagram and got backlash.

12 months is a long time to learn to swim.

And I did, and I had to because there’s no way I’m letting myself drown.

The Doctor puts it perfectly.

So here’s the you 2016, let’s hope you make me cry less and sleep more and probably end with something like this.

How has your year been followers? Drop a comment and let me know 🙂



2 thoughts on “My Year in Review

    1. Thank you for the review! I will try to be more active on blogging, but yeah, I want to nurture my dream. If it all works out in the end it will be worth it ^^


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