Deepika Padukone vs. TOI, Emma Watson, Sam Pepper a.k.a #STOPSHIT2K14

So, this week hasn’t been the best week for women all around the world.

India may have gotten praise worldwide for the successful launch of Mars mission (Mangalayaan); but we fell back at least two centuries when a leading-news daily called ‘The Times of India’ slutshamed an Indian actress for making a fuss about them posting about her cleavage.

Now, I have so many things I wish I could say about how I feel about TOI, and the comments that I read online through Twitter and Facebook.

First things first, I feel disgusted that people think that the only reason Deepika Padukone is retweeting people supporting her as ‘attention-seeking’. I’m sorry, but that’s you and everyone who’s agreeing with you being a complete douchebag shit.

The fact that a woman has to complain and tweet responses at a supposedly ‘respected’ news daily only to be told ‘it’s a compliment ;)’, and then be shamed publicly in a newspaper and an article online because she didn’t appreciate you writing diddly squat about her cleavage and the fact that she likes wearing low-necks and clothes that make her look amazing.

Honestly, I feel so close to throwing my laptop out of the window, and banging my head against the wall in frustration because no one is understanding that the only person who decides what’s right for her body and her choices is Deepika Padukone.

But The Times of India, obviously doesn’t think so because they told her, “Hey Deepika, you’re so cute when you’re making a fuss about us doing this when you built your career on the fact that you showed your legs, breasts and ass to make a living, and oh, let’s remind the public that you did all the provocative and titillating photoshoots when the camera wasn’t rolling. LOL, your opinion really doesn’t count cuz you asked for it.”

Now, I can devote an entire post to this issue and rant about how angry I feel that as a young Indian woman who may end up working back in India; my opinions, my choices on people commenting on my body and the fact that I have to argue with people who have no connection to me have a say in whatever I do, because that’s what society’s teaching me. I’m even more upset that there are people on my Facebook feed who are taking the side of TOI and saying that the actress is taking it too far because it’s not a such a big deal.

The thing is that it is a big deal – it’s a huge deal because by telling Deepika Padukone to shut up and suck it up; you’re telling the sexist bullshit narrative that that nonsense news organization is feeding you, “That women should shut up, lest they be made a laughing stock because it’s not worth it.” You’re giving the gross people who prowl 4chan and Reddit leaking nude celebrity photos of women for the public, a big fat thumbs up because you’re telling a woman who isn’t comfortable with the way she’s being treated publicly to pipe down.

So, I’m going to end up giving Deepika Padukone a huge virtual hug and telling her, “Keep doing this, you’re making a difference to people like me who support you and stand by you. Oh, I also uninstalled the Times of India app from my phone because I don’t want to give them any support.”

Here’s something that will put what they did into perspective by my good friends AIB,

Now, onto the more positive news that I was so happy that happened because I’ve always admired and respected Emma Watson.

Earlier this year actress Emma Watson (of the Harry Potter fame) was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for Women by the United Nations. She spoke earlier this week at a conference about her being a feminist, the need for public figures to make a difference with their power, and the start of the campaign, “HeForShe” which supports and encourages equality between the sexes.

I’m commending her for publicly saying that she’s a feminist because people need to stop treating feminism and the feminists who campaign and fight for women’s issues with such malice, indifference and condescension. I’m also commending her for breaking whatever stereotype that people pinned to her by saying that, “Oh, that Harry Potter girl who dresses well probably doesn’t know anything about society and its issues.”

As a feminist and a very vocal supporter about issues I feel strongly about, I’m so proud that she’s taking a stand and saying all the things I wish more female celebrities would do for women. As a feminist, I feel that when I hear Emma Watson talk about how we need to erase double standards and the sexist narrative that’s ingrained into us that there is hope for Deepika Padukone and all the women who are treated like they don’t deserve a voice.

Dear Emma, You’re Awesome

However, 4chan (that cesspool of narrow-minded gross neckbeards with fetishes for furry porn, bad humour and #NotAllMen answers) sent a message to her in the media that if she doesn’t stop being a feminist then they’d leak her nudes and terrorize her.

And this happened, euw.

Thank you 4chan, for once more proving why Emma Watson’s speech proves the point that we need men to step up and help women out with their issues and encourage equality among the sexes. After all, I don’t see George Clooney’s nudes being leaked for asking the UN to help out in the crisis in South Sudan. Things like this, my dear subscribers is why I cry that these people will continue the human race and breed more prejudice into innocent children and continue this cycle of indifference.

The face of gross

Finally, I will talk about Sam Pepper who I feel like punching in the face and throwing in the dustbin with these list of Internet celebrities who I wonder why they even own a computer, and a social media account, let alone a fan following (Curtis Lepore, Shane Dawson, Nash Grier).

Sam Pepper, a former Big Brother contestant and Youtube star earlier disgusted the world by posting a prank where he stopped and asked women for directions, while subtly groping them inappropriately through a sweatshirt.

I would link you the video, but I don’t think I want to encourage people to go and watch it and give him dollars by viewing it on his Youtube page.

Now, I’m really glad there are so many articles being published and circulated about this guy, because well, for obvious reasons. I’m also glad that Youtubers are speaking out about this issue and dragging him in the mud (Thank you Megan Tonjes, Jack Howard, Tyler Oakley and the others who are protesting this behaviour).

If you all want to know about this issue, here are a couple of links that will give you a timeline and understanding on why we need to call out people on them being gross and irresponsible.. Especially when they’re threatening the people they victimized and playing dumb that their phone had been hacked (lol).


So, I’ve done my first post commenting on what bullshit I think had to be called out this week; and I’ve publicly voiced my opinions about issues that should be circulated and spoken about. I really hope that people speak out about these matters publicly, and try and make a difference. This week has been a shitty week for women with all these things happening in the world, but there has been few glimmers of hope that are breaking through and shining.

Here’s to hoping that there is more volume in the voices that raise fair points, and continue to keep making differences.


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