Sports at the multi-purpose hall.

So I'm resting in my college cafeteria and I'm kinda drained after an exciting day and it was fun. Me and my friends were one of the fee who stayed back for sports and it was worth it. I'm not very familiar with b-ball so I didn't really take part talk the end. it was … Continue reading Sports at the multi-purpose hall.


Bubble Tea At Qanat Al Qasba

Nearly a month  ago, me and my bestie met up after she came back from India.I had not seen her in so long, and we both decided to have a sleepover at my place, followed by a movie night where we watched ‘Midnight In Paris’, ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’ and ‘Lust,Caution’.Before we had our movie … Continue reading Bubble Tea At Qanat Al Qasba