Planet Terror

In one of my throwback posts, I will be posting an article I wrote in eleventh grade after 26/11 happened in India. I haven’t felt sadder that this article I penned years ago during an English essay class is more timely and relevant in what is going on with the world today.

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As the World Turns

Two months ago I turned 24.

If you had asked me exactly ten years ago what I’d be doing on my twenty-fourth birthday, back when I was a bright-eyed high schooler, I would tell you that I’d be already married and expecting my first born by now.

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Remembering Chester Bennington

When I first saw the news that Chester Bennington passed away, I felt like someone had punched me in the gut. I immediately cracked open Google to make sure his Wikipedia page wasn’t updated with the hope that this was another elaborate hoax.

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Outweigh (When The Odds Aren’t In Your Favour)

I’m scared of being a parent.

In fact, I’m terrified of being a parent.

Coming from a society that tells you to bite your teeth and endure even when the world is burning around you – you’d be scared to procreate and make someone like you. ¬†Growing up, I had an alright childhood – we weren’t very rich nor were we very poor and even if we couldn’t afford the privileged comforts most kids had, we were satisfied.

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Awake (In Which I Am Inspired By Many BTS Songs)

As I listen to Jin’s solo song from BTS’ latest album (Wings: You Never Walk Alone), I can’t help but relate to it.

The song in question is ‘Awake’, and as I begin to lay the foundation of where I see myself going. I find the song serving as a mirror to what I’m currently experiencing.

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